General description

access control

time tracking


security alarm

stamp of passes


Timex Access Control Software Module

Supported Hardware Smartec:

Network Controllers

Biometric Readers

The operator has the ability to filter events by the following criteria:

By time and date

By event type

By equipment

By employee and operator

Licensing: To use the functionality of the access control system, Timex Base and Timex AC software licenses are required.
Free version: Access control functionality is available starting with the free timex “Timex”. The free version of the software can be used for programming and management of ACS, consisting of 4 access points using the ST-NСхххххх series controllers or from an unlimited number of Smartec biometric readers.
Integrated solution: To build an integrated security system for the facility, the possibility of operating the access control software module with other Timex modules was implemented: time recording, printing of passes, photo verification, video surveillance, and security alarm.

Timex TA Timex Software Time and Attendance Module

Accounting for hours worked, lateness, early departures, processing, defects. Support for flexible work schedules, as well as round-the-clock work. Workspaces allow keeping records of working hours and workloads of employees only according to workspaces attached to them. Accounting and flexible adjustment of holidays and working days allows you to reflect in the reports both national and international holidays of the company.
Support for entering the reason for the absence. Accounting for holidays, sick leave, absenteeism and even more than 20 reasons for the absence of labor code of the RM, which allows you to receive accurate reports on labor discipline in the company. The operator can manually enter corrective passage events. Monitoring the presence of an employee at the workplace during the day.

This software module is designed to implement the subsystem for accounting of working hours within the framework of the general Timex system and is used to control labor discipline and personnel records at the enterprise in accordance with specified work schedules and work areas.