Access control systems

Access Control System

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The need to implement access control and management systems at facilities is caused by two main reasons:
Providing protection against penetration of persons who do not have appropriate access rights, as well as cases of criminal encroachment on people’s lives, theft of material assets and information resources
Creation of conditions for increasing labor discipline and efficient use of working time

Elements and Benefits of ACS

User id (key)

The types of such identifiers (keys) can be contactless cards, trinkets, magnetic cards, fingerprints or palms, images of the iris and many other physical signs. Each identifier is assigned a specific binary code, which is put all the necessary information


Reader – a device that reads information transmitted by the card and transfers the identifier to the ACS controllers. The reader is contactless and contact

ACS controllers

These are one of the most complex systems in access control systems. They are used to process information coming from the reader. There is a gradation of ACS controllers according to the control method for three large groups: centralized (network), autonomous and combined


This is an electromagnetic lock, turnstile or electronic gate, barrier, gate, etc.

ACS functioning process

An electronic key (identifier) ​​is made for employees, visitors and customers of the company in the form of a plastic card or key fob with an individual code. They are issued with the simultaneous entry of personal information in the card file. Card files are organized in the form of electronic databases in which the identifier is associated with personal information. Readers are installed at the entrance to rooms with limited access. The system compares the information received from the reader and the situation in which this information was received and sends an enable or disable signal to the device, as a result, doors / turnstiles open or block. Also, the system can activate the function of switching the room into the alarm mode using specially installed buttons. Each fact that the reader is activated is recorded in the controller and a history (log) is kept, it is usually saved on the hard drive in the computer in a form that allows using the special software to obtain the necessary information – reports on accounting of working hours, violations of labor discipline and others.

Basically, enterprises have four types of access control points. These are checkpoints, premises of special importance, office premises and entrances / exits of vehicles. Access control systems can work in standalone or network modes. Integrated access control systems are so multifunctional that they can provide not only safety and discipline, but also automate the security guard’s workplace, as well as establish personnel and accounting systems.