Video monitoring

Video monitoring

IP cameras

direct digital video streaming directly to your device

TVI camera

new standard for audio and video transmission


devices recording and storing a video stream from cameras

An important factor for each person is the protection of his home, apartment, enterprise, office from the penetration of strangers. Security is best trusted by experts and specialists who have many years of experience, knowledge and a great professional level. For video surveillance and monitoring, you need to have the technical means necessary to receive and process information that will come from the facilities. O.P. “Combat-Service” offers a very necessary and useful security service – this is video monitoring, which means monitoring any objects. In the event of an emergency at the guarded facility, the equipment installed on it transmits a “Alarm” signal to the control room. The Central Monitoring Station monitors the objects from the moment of setting to the moment of removal, sends SMS messages to the customer’s phone, sends them at the moment of alarm at the guarded object, receives monthly reports with events, calls the mobile quick response group at the time of the alarm.