Surface-mounted electromagnetic lock for indoor installation. The electromagnetic lock ST-EL180ML is designed to lock the doors of access control systems and emergency exits. Model ST-EL180ML has a built-in Hall sensor for monitoring the pressure of the anchor to the lock body. The Hall sensor analyzes magnetic flux, i.e. the force of attraction of the anchor to the lock and signals a decrease in the pressure force of the anchor and, accordingly, an attempt to break. Reduced effort may be the result of deliberate actions, for example, preliminary damage to the surface of the armature to facilitate entry into the room.

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A two-color light indication provides visualization of various states of the lock: off – no power, red – the anchor is not pressed or a poor hold, green – normal hold of the anchor. In addition to the light indication, an electromagnetic lock provides an alarm for clamping the armature and the presence of power via a relay output. To overcome the residual magnetization, a special zinc coating of the lock anchor is used together with a spring mechanism.

Holding force 180 kg
LED indication
Low power and heat dissipation
Normally open
Adjustable Lock Closing Timer
Door leaf position monitoring line output
Possibility of use with swing doors
MTBF of 500,000 cycles