The ST-DB510MLT electromechanical solenoid lock is designed to operate as part of access control systems with electronic door lock control. ST-DB510MLT is a normally open lock, i.e. it unlocks when the power is turned off and locks when available. To monitor the position of the door leaf in the access control system, you can use the corresponding output of the lock.

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Installation on any type of door
ST-DB510MLT is a universal lock that can be used with any type of door: opening inward, opening outward and swinging. The one-piece crossbar made of stainless steel with a diameter of 12.6 mm provides high resistance to sawing.

Holding force 1000 kg
LED indication
Low power and heat dissipation
Normally open
Adjustable Lock Closing Timer
Door leaf position monitoring line output
One-piece crossbar with a diameter of 12.6 mm from stainless steel
Possibility of use with swing doors
MTBF of 500,000 cycles