FM-Plug (+) – is a Plug & Play type device that connects to the OBD jack of vehicles. It is designed to monitor their activity, protect them from theft and to read engine error codes for cars equipped with the OBD-II interface. The equipment is installed simply and quickly without the need for special knowledge and immobilization of the vehicle during the assembly. FM-Plug4 is also a personal monitoring system, it can be allocated to a single person. So if your drivers use company cars one at a time, it can move the equipment from one car to another and you can monitor its activity no matter which car drives it.

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If the vehicle is stolen, the disassembled equipment or if it left the area to which the user was destined can be automatically informed through the application or by email. The equipment also has an internal microphone that will give you the opportunity to listen to the discussions in the car thus offering additional protection. The same alert will be received if the car is towed, giving you the opportunity to react immediately. FM-Plug4+ can read the error codes from the engine via the OBD-II interface and also allows you to perform a remote engine status diagnosis at no additional cost. This saves time and prevents damage to the vehicle.

Recommended to be used for:
Fleet monitoring and control
Routing and route optimization
Eco Drive
PlugTrack features:
Read the error codes on the OBD-II interface
Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive)
Internal geozones
Different functionalities via SMS